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Southern Sun with Trek America

This summer i gathered  my courage and i decided to book a trip with Trek America. I was scared at the beginning as a solo traveller but i really had nothing to be scared of. We were all solo travelers. All of us! So we bonded pretty quickly. There were 12 of us. Me ( the Italian girl ) , 2 Aussies ( one from Perth the other from Sydney) , 1 german girl and the rest were Brits.

It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I booked my trip really early ( in October ) at first it was a different tour , but we didn’t reach the minimum  number of people so i ended up doing the Southern Sun from New York instead.

The itinerary changed for us at one point, because all the group decided to go to Colorado instead of Santa Fe.

You are  going to traveling  with your TrekGuide , that is in charge of booking the activities and driving through the states. Traveling in the Van it’s fun but also tiring , because you will have some long drives, we call these days “ Van appreciation days” ! .  But i think is one of the best way to see the states, driving through places you’ll never be able to see in another way .

The tour It’s 21 one days with 14 nights of camping, 2 nights in a hostel in Austin, 2 nights in an hotel in Vegas  and 2 nights in a town house in New Orleans.

If you have never camped you don’t need to worry , it’s pretty cool. All the campsites have showers ( sometimes you have to pay for them , especially in the West Coast) and clean bathrooms. Most of them have wifi , washing machines and dryers for laundry and sometimes a pool!

The tents were pretty easy to put up, after the first days it was the easiest thing in the world.

Cooking in the campsite is fun, a little slow because obviously the stoves aren’t strong like the ones that you have at home. I’m not going to lie… washing dishes sucks everywhere, even if you have a sink or you are at home. But eating at the campsite ad collaborating it’s a fun way to know each other.


The first day you star the tour at 7.30 so it is really recommended to sleep at the getaway hotel or in the area nearby.

The getaway hotel is the Hilton Newark, you can book a single or a shared room, with a trekker of the same sex . Sharing a room is the best way to know your travel buddies.

Before leaving i highly recommend you to subscribe to your group on the trek america site, so you can write a post and meet your fellow trekkers before even leaving.

Also the first day you are going to be divided in three groups : A , B , C . Every group will have a different task everyday , cooking, washing the dishes or van cleaning ( i know what are you thinking, van cleaning ? who needs that? You my friend, because after a 4-6 hours drive the van will be a mess)

This tour applies  the food kitty, it means  that the first day you are going to give your Trek Guide 210$ ( 10 dollars a day) to buy food. I know that it seems a lot of money but if you are careful with what you buy you will have most of them back. We got 50$ each back at the end of the trip.

I know it’s confusing but the tour stats from the New York Area, meaning New Jersey . You will NOT visit New York unless you are going to do it on your own days before the trek starts.

You can easily go to New York 2 days before the departure and stay in an hostel or a hotel in Manhattan and then the day before departure book a room in the Hilton Newark or the area nearby.

The tour ends in LA at five o’clock at the get away hotel so if you are going to fly back the same night book a flight that departs not before 9. Trust me anything can happen in the crazy La traffic and you don’t want to miss your fight. Accommodation is NOT included the last day but you can book a shared or single room at the get way hotel, or in any other place.

Do not exaggerate with your luggage you are allowed a suitcase or a rucksack , do not bring more than one luggage because is not going to fit in the trailer.

So don’t be afraid to book the trip alone, you are going to meet amazing people and have the best time! You are going to make friends for life! We are already planning a reunion!

My next post will be about the first two days of the trip, Philadelphia and Washington Dc!! And i’ll do a list with packing tips!!


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