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Southern Sun Day 1/2 Philadelphia and Washington DC ( english version )

The first day we met in the hall of the Hilton Newark at 7.30 , we had to fill in a form online with emergency contacts , food allergies and insurance ( yes guys you need one, you can’t leave without it ).

After meeting all the group we left for Philadelphia at 8.30/9.00, we drove for 2 and half hours more or less and then we finally arrived.

Before eating  we stopped at the “ Rocky Steps” to take some pictures and we also saw the “Rocky Statue” ! If you are a fan of the movies or Silvester Stallone in general you can’t miss it!

For lunch we went to one of the Farmers Market , it was the best because there was a lot of variety of food!

I honestly recommend to have a “Philly’s  cheesesteak “ is a must ! I ate one of those and then chocolate chip cookies.

After lunch we had a little bit of free time so we went wondering around the “ Independence Hall” ( where the Declaration of Independence was signed ) and then we saw the famous “Liberty Bell” ( the original bell, symbol of independence ) .

After we finished our tour of Philly, we hopped on the Van and we drove to Washington DC , but before arriving at the designated campsite we stopped to have the first grocery shopping of the trip, it was really confusing at first because nobody really knew what to buy and how much, but with the help of our guide we succeeded!

At the campiste ( Cherry Hill Campground, if you want to look it up online)  we unloaded the the trailer and started to put up the tents, unfortunately it started raining so it wasn’t the easiest thing.

After that, the first group started cooking the fajitas! Eating at the same table was good because we started talking more and get past the awkward phase. Not much time passed before we went to bed, we were all exhausted.

The next morning we went on a bike tour of DC , the tour was included on the trip so no extra money needed.

In my opinion the bike tour is the best way to sightseeing , we biked through the Capitol , the National Hall , the Lincoln Memorial and obviously the White House ! The tour is approximately 2 hours and a half long.

After the bike tour we had the rest of the day free! We wondered around downtown and went to the Smithsonian , every museum of the Smithsonian is FREE. I recommend to go to the National Air and Space one.

At 5 pm our guide Amber came to pick us up and shetook us back to the campsite. It was a really hot day so we went straight to the pool ( yes our campsite had a pool and a really big one) . At one point part of the group abandoned us because they had to cook since we were all famished. We ate chicken and vegetables and after cleaning all up we went to bed because we had an early morning the next day.

Next stop : Appalachian Mountains , Virginia. ( day 3 )


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